Securities Investment Funds

LYNX Asset Managers focuses on the management of Securities Investment Funds supervised by Banco de Portugal and the Portuguese Securities Market Commission.

LYNX Defensivo

Investment policy focuses on capital preservation. Invests mostly on high liquidity assets – Certificates of Deposit, Bank Deposits, Treasury Bonds, Commercial Paper – and residually on fixed and floating rate Bonds with residual maturity lower than 60 months. All assets are described in Euro. The Fund permanently holds between 50 and 85 per cent of the total net amount invested in securities, money market instruments and bank deposits, and has a residual maturity lower than 12 months.

Fund code: 1129
Activity start: 06/10/2008

LYNX Prudente

This Fund has a flexible investment policy. It can invest in fixed and floating rate corporate or sovereign bonds with short or long maturities – reflecting a variable exposure to credit markets and interest rates. When pursuing its goal (3 month Euribor plus one percent without any collateral), the Fund may invest in other types of assets, namely: money market instruments, derivatives, and others.

Fund code: 1323
Activity start: 02/05/2011

Bison China Flexible Bond Fund

The Bison China Flexible Fund is a diversified bond fund offering participants an investment made up of liquid assets, mainly bonds of Chinese issuers, available in three types of units: USD, EUR and CNY. By investing in the fund, you will have access to China’s economic potential.

Fund code: 1647
Activity start: 11/05/2021

View the presentation here:  BISON CHINA FLEXIBLE BOND FUND | Infographic Video – YouTube

LYNX Valor

This Fund seeks capital valuation via direct and indirect exposure to shares and bonds, and can also invest in a wide variety of assets such as raw materials and real estate properties. LYNX Valor is a macro fund that combines direct investment and specialised investment, seeking to get positive, consistent returns, irrespective of the market cycle. Investment period recommended is three years.

Fund code: 1203
Activity start: 12/11/2009

Discovery Fund

Aims at capital valuation via direct and indirect exposure to shares of the major global companies. To decrease volatility and ensure diversification, part of the portfolio concerns investments in debenture loans and income-generating real estate assets. The investment philosophy focuses on searching for high-potential companies which are seeking capital to expand and grow their production activities.

Fund code: 1326
Activity start: 14/11/2011

Discretionary Management

Offers a Portfolio Management service via discretionary management, standardised according to the risk profile that fits each customer.

Venture Capital Funds

With a stable, advantageous legal and tax framework, these funds allow to hold equity all over the world.

Real Estate Investment Funds

Real estate development, including residential, tourism, and trade markets. As well as the renovation of housing properties for selling.


Tax framework that is highly favourable. The investment can be controlled via the hetero-management contract, which allows to release structural costs.