João Lino de CastroAdministrador

    More than 30 years of experience in law and business management.

    In the scope of MNF Capital, was the president of Megafin, SA and the administrator of MNF Gestão de Ativos, SGFIM.

    Independent lawyer since 1980, exercising his duties as part of the law firm Lino de Castro, Horta e Costa & Associados, Soc. de Advogados.

    Consultant of the Group Teixeira Duarte for more than 12 years. Professional career included the coordination of merger processes and internal alignment of the several companies; company acquisition, being actively involved in selecting and monitoring those deals; legal counselling and consultancy regarding transactions and real estate operations. Was the administrator of the Closed Real Estate Investment Fund TDF for several years.

    Has a Law degree from the Law School of Lisbon.

    Diogo VelezVitor Gonçalves